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•Términos del trabajo a realizar.
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• Información requerida para la auditoría:.

Con el fin de agilizar la revisión que se llevará a cabo en las instalaciones del proveedor se recomienda contar con la siguiente información en original y copia:

Es importante destacar, que ésta información es enunciativa más no limitativa y que, durante el transcurso de la auditoría se solicitará documentación adicional que se debe de tener en el momento.

•Contacto para proveedores de Liverpool.

Para todos los efectos relacionados con Liverpool se deberán de entender única y exclusivamente con:

C.P.C. Enrique Gómez Orozco

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About GLOP

We are a firm of accountants specialized in the accounting and auditing area, with vast experience in the field.

Nowadays, and due to the great changes in tax matters that are taking place in the country, it is essential to foresee the fiscal impact that will be reflected in the companies on a monthly and annual basis. We must understand that today, the federal treasury will seek by all means to collect the greatest amount of resources and, together with the world economic crisis that is affecting us, we must be able to handle with all caution such impacts on the finances of the Companies.

A thorough understanding of how the authority establishes, publishes and interprets the tax laws in Mexico is necessary to be able to effectively implement the appropriate processes and controls for the timely payment of taxes, and thus avoid problems arising from non-compliance.

On the other hand, most executives and leaders of companies, whether they are for profit or not, require to have a truthful, timely and understandable training, which allows them the power of "decision making", taking care at all times that they are objective and accurate, in favor of the objectives previously outlined.

Establishing sound internal control policies, as well as periodic reviews of their effectiveness, together with the proper training of personnel who are the source of recording and processing information, will eventually lead us to achieve the expected efficiency and results, reducing the risk of wrong decisions being made by management, due to the lack of timely and adequate information.


Approach based on the detection and risk analysis to avoid loss of money and fiscal responsibilities

Identify areas of opportunity and improvement

Increased knowledge of our customer to provide personalized advice and offer solutions or alternatives

Continued study and updated laws and regulations in real time

Biased and appropriate fees to the needs of the company

We add value to the company through the development of the areas of controllership, treasury and tax

Our teams are led by experienced auditors.